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"Pat and the Kaicon team worked closely with Nike’s design and marketing teams to capture the essence of the Converse, Jordan and Nike brands. They also developed compelling stories that captured the gritty authenticity of New York City basketball. Everything was produced under incredibly short time-lines."

− Mark Pilkenton, director, Nike Global Event Marketing

"Working with Kaicon has been a great collaborative experience. Pat’s expertise in digital signage has been critical and he brings a talented and multi-disciplinary team to the table."

− Sarah Williams, VP marketing, f’real foods

"Pat and the Kaicon team not only create terrific content, they have a great understanding of branding, retail and how digital signage adds to the in-store experience."

− Tom Percich, vice president, business development, Diversified Media Group

"As the saying goes, ‘fast’ or ‘good’: pick one. But Kaicon consistently delivers both. Their turnaround time is amazing and their work is always fabulous. And they're extremely versatile. When it comes to content, they do it all."

− Andrea Fairchild, Global Marketing Director, Gatorade